Post in Sports - by xingwang at February 11, 2018
Followed by the Knights, James has returned to the 2014-15 season, together with the season, they have been for 4 consecutive years to pay luxury tax (2017-18 season has so far exceeded the trigger line of luxury tax) 2018 facing terrible luxury tax Repeat tax, which gives the knight a bit overwhelmed. If James 2018-19 season to stay in Knight, Knight will pay luxury tax recuperation for two consecutive years, the team's record and can not be guaranteed, Knight will make ends meet (
Knight in the renewal of James, James also need to consider the age factor, from a business point of view, they need to measure James's ability. James is now 33 years old, played in the NBA for 15 seasons, he then want a top salary contract, and determined not to pay a cut, what is the concept? James in line with the new collective bargaining agreement 38-year terms, you can sign a 5-year 200 million US dollars more than the contract, the basic annual salary of about 40 million US dollars, which will allow knights to retreat.