Post in Sports - by lolgavip at March 8, 2018
Manchester City coach Guardiola has accepted the FA foot on his wearing yellow ribbon allegations. Now an independent commission of inquiry will decide what to do with Guardiola.
Guardiola responded to the allegations on Saturday and said he will not violate FA's rules on clothing and promotion in the future. The FA believes that wearing yellow ribbon violates the "prohibition of the promotion of political information during the games," as the yellow ribbon symbolizes the support of the two incitement to join independent Thai politicians.
However, Guardiola did not apologize for this. He also made it clear that although he would pay attention to the rules and comply with the requirements of the FA, he did not mean he agreed with them.
Guardiola can wear yellow ribbon outside the border, as long as they are not seen. In the recent Premier League, he put the yellow ribbon on the sweater. He was wearing a coat while wearing a scarf to suppress the yellow ribbon. Before the game and after the game, Guardiola only wearing a sweater yellow ribbon, which is allowed by the rules. However, all coaches wearing yellow daffodils against Chelsea were supporting Madame Curie's foundation.
Guardiola also insisted that disregard after he received the FA's two warnings was not a rule that defied the FA. He still considered the position of the FA as inconsistent with that of other bodies in the football field. For example, UEFA allowed him to wear a yellow ribbon on the sidelines, so he will continue to wear at the Champions League.
Guardiola said such a situation ( is puzzling, so some things are in a gray area. He pointed out that the FA's position on wearing a ribbon of yellow poppies to mark the poppies of fallen soldiers and supportive minority groups was inconsistent. He believes yellow ribbon is not an offensive political sign for upright people.