Davis's use of technology reveals a wonderful, smart, faster than most defenders, he does not have to use the power to crush opponents, he only need to get rid of opponents in their heads can be shot. Or Davis can receive Zhu - Huoluo Di - this season he quietly played outstanding performance - and Rondo 's lob to attack the basket (https://www.onlinegameshop.com).
The guy was outstanding and could not catch up with James Harden in the MVP fight, even though last season Russell-Westbrook was voted MVP to rewrite the MVP's assessment of the team's record. It does not matter, Harden earned the MVP this season. However, if the pelican final record this season, the rankings with the Thunder of the season similar, when you argue with others that last season, Wei less than Harden qualified MVP, you can no longer use " Triple double "as an argument, you have to find a better argument.
The first section to open the fight, the first 3 minutes 41 seconds, Howard fed, Batum jumper hit. The first 4 minutes 53 seconds, Deluozan handball lost, Walker steals. 5 minutes and 48 seconds, Valanchunas fouled McGee shot, give the Hornets a free throw. The first section of the truce, the Hornets to 21-26 temporarily behind.