In the Etihad Amphitheater adjoin Manchester City, Conti took a complete bourgeois strategy, the Blues took the activity to accord up the ball, which allows them to acquire no attempt in the aboriginal half, the admirers aswell alone 2 shots, Manchester City is With 13 times. Such a game, Chelsea's action is arresting back, but they aswell abridgement of blood-soaked game ( ).
Commenting on Chelsea's performance, Little Redknapp said "it's in actuality anti-soccer. Chelsea's accomplishment today is a abomination adjoin football, and it seems like they do not intend to beforehand at all until Chelsea has Advanced 3 to Manchester City. "
Gary Neville aswell criticized Chelsea, "Chelsea played a abridgement of adventuresomeness today. We've apparent in actuality a few teams yield a arresting action these years because they allegation to activity adjoin a acceptable team. I've criticized Newcastle Newcastle looked breathless in the aboriginal bisected of that game, but this time Chelsea was sad, and in such a Premier Alliance game, that's a bearings that humans can not Acquire this with the team's stability, cachet has annihilation to do, it is absolutely their intentions acquired .To see such a Chelsea, I acquire no way to anticipate is correct, Chelsea players like watching Manchester City players play on the cloister , They are like animal models, to see such a arena makes humans sad.