In the second quarter, the blue team's steady defensive force kept the goal intact. In the third quarter, the blues remained firmly in the lead for the first 8 minutes, but at 8 minutes and 08 seconds the Black Hawks got a chance to counterattack. Nick Schumacher After high speed gliding into the blues blue line, the ball was passed to Kane. Kane received the ball and passed it to Gustavson. The latter scored directly and the Black Hawk pulled the score 1-1. However, the blues drew lessons learned two days ago. After losing the ball, the blues equalized the score in just 16 seconds. Brodyzak scored a goal on the blue line to Portozo (
The latter shot the ball and it was the Berrien Gate. Before inserting a shot, the blues lead 2-1. Four minutes later, Bradden - Shane assists Jarden - Schwartz scored a goal, the blues 3-1 has been firmly secured. At the last moment, Black Hawk's unceasing withdrawal from the goalkeeper still hopes to block the blues, and Berriente takes the chance to score an empty tennis game. The blues eventually won the 4-1 victory over the Black Hawk, and they took the initiative to enter the playoffs firmly in their hands.