Arsenal teenager Nelson won his first Premiership chance FIFA Coins against Southampton. He also accepted an interview with Arsenal's official website.
Nelson said: "I just feel very happy. I am very happy. All my hard work has paid off. I am very proud of being able to go further in my career. For me this is a normal week. I am with my teammates. In training, I had a conversation with my coach on Thursday and he told me that I might enter the team's big list this week.
"From then on, my mind began to think about the game. I thought I might start, so I was very hard on Friday's training. When the team came out, I was very excited. I really got my starter. Opportunity.
"I see this game as an ordinary game. I think this is the best thing that I can do. Enter the first team and participate in the Premier League or the European Cup. You need to firmly hold it when the opportunity comes. You Just put all the tension into your heart and kick it with a normal heart."
Nelson also had a good free kick technique. Zacha had a free kick of 25 yards in the first half of the game. Nelson said that he would also like to try the next time. He said: "I want free kicks. That's one of them, but next time I hope to get a free kick."