Due to logistical problems, Manchester United will postpone the plan to expand Old Trafford.
In the past ten years, this plan has been worked out three times. The club wants to FIFA Coins rebuild the Bobby Charlton stand. If the expansion is completed, it will make Old Trafford more than 8 Ten thousand people.
However, since this side stands behind a railway that is still in operation, there are still many houses around it, which makes the plan for the expansion of the grandstand very complicated.
The expansion of Manchester United is different from that of Liverpool. Last year, Liverpool held a game while rebuilding the stadium. This gave Anfield a capacity of 54,000. However, if Manchester United needs to (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG-CP4SvuGVxNK0B7pKLR6w) expand the stadium, they need to empty the stadium.
Both Tottenham and Chelsea will move into new stadiums with a capacity of more than 60,000 in the next few years. Both clubs can use the neutral stadium Wembley as the team's home court, but Manchester United currently faces problems. The team is only available to the stadium of Manchester City.
Manchester United general manager Arnold said: "This is a very complicated plan. We are not sure if we can do this, because this may lead us to no home field."
In order to provide more seats for disabled fans, the number of Manchester United home regular seats next season will be reduced from the previous 75,000 seats to 73,300 seats.