Post in Sports - by xingwang at April 16, 2018
This is the character coach Klop. His way of winning has never been to lay the bus, but even if he is passive, even if he is weak, he must put your blood. He said: "We have to learn through competitions. Even if we lose the ball, it is not a problem. We can't complain because we need to have clear football ideas. We need the ball. If you can't score, then you will It will be very difficult, but fortunately, we have made good use of our time with the ball, and we all know that as long as we score a goal, then the atmosphere will become very different. In sum, in terms of two rounds of games, Liverpool deserves it. We advanced because we scored five goals and they only scored one, which seems impossible before the war (!"
In fact, the result of a 3-0 home game in the first leg meant that as long as Liverpool scored a away goal, the promotion was likely to be killed. So in this battle, the idea of ??the Red Army team is not to cling to, but rather how to get into the away game. Obviously, not only is this battle so, Klopp's coaching style has always been the same, compared to putting on the bus, he always values ??the most value.