The dark side and the bright side of things are relative to each other. The riots caused by a hockey game reflect the Canadian fans' desire for a championship trophy to some extent. Two seasons ago, no team qualified for the playoffs, and the hope of not playing the fans in the playoffs once again shattered. Last season, the new ball king Mike Day was born in the first full season of his career. Holding both the scoring title and the regular season mvp awards, they lost in the Western Conference semifinals defeated ducklings (
This season, Canadian fans are still pinning their hopes on MacDaver and Edmonton Oilers. They are looking forward to the inheritance of Ice Hockey Gretzky's shirt from Mike Davy, leading the oilman back to the Stanley Cup. . However, after the regular season curtain was pulled, five Canadian teams were eliminated, including McDavid and his Edmonton oilman who carried all the fans' hopes. Fortunately, however, the parade in 2016 did not repeat itself. The remaining two Canadian teams went to the stage and they will carry all the hopes of the Maple Leaf fans.