After adding the Premier League championship this season, Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany said the team needs to continue to improve.
Conpani was immersed in the joy and glory of winning the championship on Sunday, but he immediately said that Manchester City will challenge the defending league champion next season.
As Manchester United's 2nd place in the standings unexpectedly lost 0-1 to West Bromwicht at the base of Old Trafford, Manchester City locked the league championship in advance without playing.
The Guardiola team lost derby 2-3 at home last weekend, but this only postponed the date they won. In the match between Manchester United and West Bromwich, West Brom forward Jay - Rodriguez scored a big gift for ( Manchester City in the second half of the game.
Manchester City has won two league titles in the Premier League era, but in the following season they failed to retain the championship trophy, and Kompany wants the team to improve this next year.
The experienced Zhongwei told Sky Sports: "You can't take it for granted that this is right. You need to realize that this is over. I was lucky to win the league championship three times, but I also missed something. ."
"I'm very happy today, but I also want to see how the team reacts. I think my teammates might turn their eyes."
"I have never defended the league title. I want to see if this team can achieve greater success."
"I am still studying at this age. I enjoy every minute of the game, but I think we all have a longing for the championship."
"I may be the first person to think of the next season. I hope to remain humble. This is just a league title and not a dynasty. It is good to win, but I want to fully realize my potential."