Post in Sports - by xingwang at May 11, 2018
In order to achieve the above goals, Guardiola dispatched all the main players to play. In addition to the wounded Aguero and Compagni, David Silva, De Brounet, Sane, Sterling and others were all there. However, the town of Jay led by David Wagner performed quite well. He could not only start the frontcourt but also use tight organization to limit the penetration of the blue moon after he entered the field. Once he gets a counterattack, he can also threaten Edson. Gatekeepers. On the other hand, Manchester City, although it can control the situation and beat its own rhythm, has failed to turn its advantage into victory (
According to statistics, Manchester City has a 79% ball rate, 720 passes, a success rate of 87.5%, and 15 shots, but only 2 shots, while Ha town has a ball control rate of only 21%, but 5 times. However, the shot was shot 3 times, and the number of shots was even higher than that of the Blue Moon. Even the injury time had a chance to kill! In the end, the two teams shook hands 0-0 and Guardiola's team failed to celebrate the crown with a victory.