Post in Sports - by xingwang at May 12, 2018
In the 89-90 season, the Jets advanced to the playoffs with regular 3rd place in the Siem District, but unfortunately, the first round of the Jets was the Edmonton oilman of the Dynasty team. Although Grecisky was traded to the King of Los Angeles at the time, at this time, the Oilers still had Marc Messer and Jared Couri. In the first game, the Jets took the opportunity to challenge the Oilers with a 7-5 victory and grabbed home advantage (
After returning home, the Jets scored two games with a tenacious defense, leading the oils 3-1. However, the old hot oilman adjusted the state in time when the big score was behind, and the big score was put to a 3-3 level with a wave of two-game winning streak. In the tie-break, the Jets once again challenged the Oilers. In the middle of the first quarter, the oil men depended on Anderson to open the record and the Jets immediately equalized the score with Thomas Steen. However, the oilman’s offensive continues unabated. They have scored 3 goals in the end of the first quarter and the third quarter, and they have finally won a tie-break.