The missing of the iPad is probably not related to Durham. I don't know why this Georgian student wants to take this down. If the Chicago Bears' tactical book truly falls into the hands of the enemy, then the Bears really suffered a hard-fought hit, the team's efforts have fallen short, and Smith's inner heart may also be difficult to get out of the shadow of the back pot (
The Houston defensive star J.J.Watt appeared on the team's mini training camp this week. He stood on the stage and said that he was "very well done in the rehabilitation process" and was "very satisfied" with himself. But as a player who has been reimbursed for two consecutive seasons, Watt knows that his temporary health in the offseason or training camp doesn't make any sense. What he has to do is to be able to play in the first week and the rest of the game. The fourth defensive player of the year launched the impact.